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Few words about City Technologies Dotcom

City Technologies Dotcom was stated by Michael Alldritt in 1990 in Sydney. Originally offerring telecommunicnations services, it quick expanded to electrical and data networks. The original network topology was a 10 base 2 coax networks to link your PCs and printers. UTP data networks were in early development  at the time with 10MB/s, but as equipment has improved and come down in cost, it is not unsually to see gigabit structured networks. Bulletin boards were very popular at the time before internet service providers offered a dail up connection using modems getting speeds of 56KBs before this technology was superseded by ADSL and ISDN in some cases.  VDSL modems giving high speed conectivity to NBNs fiber to the node can provide a 100MB/s connections if you are not lucky enough to have secured a fibre to the premises connection where speeds of 155MB/s could be realised. Network switches and routers are only as good a s the software that drives them , our expertise in this area ensures the quality of service provision you requires is delivered

We installed telephone systems along with small PABXs to provide voice communications for business and local goverment. More recently we have beeing involved in trunked radio systems for mission critical railway operations becofre this contract and technology concluded.

From basic electrical wiring to control systems and metering, installing lights, fans, stoves, switchboards and meterboxes, we can provide support on any work you wish to have completed. Do you need to upgrade your service fuses, point of attachement, consumer mains or service mains from the distributors connection to your home or business. We are friendly, great value and very competive. Please ask us for a free quote.

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Management Team

Michael Alldritt
President and CEO

Managing Director and CEO with 35 years experience in electrical, data and telecommunincations, more recently expertise in energy metering and radio systems

Software Manager

40 years in software development across a wide range of industries

Team Leader

Experienced team leader to get the work done on time and to the right standard.

Business Development Manager

Our Business Development Manager is focused on building relationships with our clients. We are always happy to explore new business opportunities when they arise and assist our customer in meeting there requirements.